Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nontahburi 1 BCC 0 - Report

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The reason I don't get to see Nonthaburi FC as often as my other two local teams isn't because I care less about them, but simply because I decided to prioritise teams in the order in which I discovered them: MTU, Raj and Eka, in that order.

So I'd missed a good few games before today's clash with Bangkok Christian College but I expected little to have changed. I was wrong.

The first change to be noticed was that merchandise was now on sale. I really like the style of both the home and away shirts so I bought one of each then entered the stadium. That was when change number two jumped out and smacked me on by big snoozer immediately.

Because Eka's home colour is black, it's common for the crowd to look like the audience at a Marilyn Manson concert for any game. However, today it had been taken one step further. The large crowd had a distinctly unorthodox look about it. To my right was a man - I repeat: a man - with large breasts. To his right was a another man who looked like a young version of Robert Smith from 'The Cure', complete with hair like Marge Simpson. In front of me was another male who, I would soon discover, would spend the entire game attempting to enter the 'Guinness Book of Records' for the loudest, most irritating and girly scream ever emitted by a male. It continued. The man three seats to my left was kitted out in full eye-liner and blusher. His male accomplice was wearing a blouse. There were at least thirty members of this group. Probably more. Yes, Nonthaburi have somehow established themselves as the club of choice for the androgynous community.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with anyone from any walk of life who supports the same team as me and is a decent person. The only annoyance was the aforementioned screamer who clearly had no knowledge or interest in football. My surprise was simply due to the change of personnel since my last visit to the Rama 9 Stadium and the humor at the thought of such crowd attending a game in England. What would the Brits make of it?

The usual Nonthaburi support was also in attendance though, in full voice to boot. Moreover, BCC bought the biggest away following -  including four farang fans (why don't you drop by and introduce yourselves guys?) - that I've ever seen for a D2 game. All this combined with Nonthaburi FC's quickly established reputation for being completely free of airs and graces - fans will attend barefoot, smoke, drink beer from glass bottles and eat off the terrace floor - made for a fun atmosphere.

Oh yeh, we won one-nil in a scrappy game. Sarawut Thasong scored in the second half and left Eka to ride their luck big time but just hold out for the win. The D2 Bangkok race is wide open.

The new crowd seems fun providing the drunks - of which there are always a few at Eka games - don't decide to get silly at some point in future. I don't see it happening, as Eka fans are as friendly as any other despite their manner. Then again I didn't expect trouble last time it happened, either.


Meanwhile Rajpracha went down one-nil to Chantaburi. The 'Crowns' are due to face D1 leaders Air Force United next Sunday.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Suphanburi 0 Rajpracha 1

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Raj continued their impressive run with a one-nil away win at Suphanburi with a goal from no.26, Noppadol. The move puts Raj two points clear of the doomed bottom four.

More photos here.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Leg 1 review

The Chonburi website has a chat with me concerning Rajpracha's performance so far, and a fan of Korat FC here.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rajpracha fixtures for Leg 2, 2010

As usual, fixtures can and probably will be chopped and changed. Always check ahead and on the day.

July 18 Suphanburi A

July 25 Chantaburi FC H

August 1 Air Force United H

August 8 Sriracha H

August 14 PTT A

August 18 Nakhom Pathom A

August 22 Prachinburi A

September 5 Customs FC H

September 19 Chiang Rai Utd A

September 26 Songkhla FC H

September 29 Thai Honda H

October 2 Chula Utd A

October 13 Narathaiiwat A

October 16 RBAC H

October 23 Khoen Kean FC H

Monday, 12 July 2010

Raj 3 Prachinburi 1 - Video clip

The second Raj goal was from further out than I thought. Apologies to Khun Sarawut!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Nonthaburi 1 Bangkok FC 0

Another 1-0 win for Eka. Pictures here

FA Cup - Raj 3 Prachinburi 1

 Tammasee - Opened the scoring 

Credit:Tak_N'Syncชฎาเกรท(Rajpracha Only You Know?)
Raj continued their form revival and qualified for the forth round of the FA Cup with a win over a disappointing Prachinburi side.

Raj's line up was notable by the absence of goalkeeper Yen Emile. This was a worry as the reserve goalie let in three goals against (then ) bottom side PTT in his last showing. Thierry Touoyem was back in the side but this time as a defender, his natural position. Tammasee was finally given a chance to start a game.

The visitors actually made the brighter start but  around the twenty five minute mark a long cross found an unmarked Tammasee at the far post whose header looped over the goalie to make it 1-0.

Prachinburi equalised when Raj's stand in goalie flapped at a curled effort and allowed it into the top corner to make it 1-1 at half time.

But Raj dominated the second half and a close range side footed effort made it 2-1 with about five minutes left. Prachinburi responded by throwing more men forward giving the fans some traditional FA Cup action to enjoy. Raj responded by scoring yet another close range finish to seal the 3-1 win and the name in the hat for the next round.

Credit to Prachnburi for bringing good number of fans to this game, for wearing the ugliest home shirt I've ever seen - a lime green affair with the sponsor being 'Custard Cake' - and for their friendliness. Credit also to the ref who seems to have been blessed with the rarest of traits known as 'common sense'.

Today's starting lineup:

นพดล สุขดี GK
Thierry Rostand Kouodi Touoyem (DF)
Dawuda Wulampah (DF)

Suriya Kupalang (DF)
Kittipong Sommat (DF)

Chokdee Intharalak (MD)
Nirun Phunthong (MD)
Sarawut Sintupun (MD)
Sulaiman Andi (AM)
Tammasee Hayeeyousoh (ST)

Narakorn Wisetthanakarn(FW)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Khoen Kean V Raj and Rose Asia V Eka - photos

Rose Asia V Nonthaburi photos here

KK V Raj photos here

Monday, 5 July 2010

League Cup announced

(Cross posted in my other blog)

In late May I sent this email to Dr Vichit at the Thai FA.

Last week the Thai FA announced a new league cup with all 64 league teams - including MTU - competing for the 10 million baht prize money. The TFA explained it would give great exposure to lower league teams.

I'm still waiting for the 'thank you' phone call, Mr Vichit!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Raj went down 0 -2  away to Isaan side Khoen Ken.

The home FA Cup tie against Suphanburi is to be played next Saturday.