Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Good news?

A Nonthaburi player has stated on Facebook that the club will complete in the 2013 Regional League. This has yet to be ofically confirmed by any source but given that this player forecast good news two weeks ago and has waited until now to comment again, perhaps we canafford some smiles at long last.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

News forthcoming?

For quite some time the uncertainty around the future of Nonthaburi FC has been answered with "Let's wait until the D2 play offs are finished" which stands to reason.

But it's given all us fans times to ponder all the possibilities - Non league football? A second chance? A reformation under a new name? Nothing at all?

This week a player has suggested some news could be announced next week. With the seemingly never-ending D2 play offs finally drawing to a close, at least we should finally get some answers soon. I have noticed the lack of transfer activity/speculation around Eka players, even good players, which gives cause for optimism, albeit very minor.

Here's hoping.