Friday, 28 October 2011

More water

As we can see, the water has risen at WB Stadium.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The flooding at Wat Boat

Not too high but enough to cause damage.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Floods of 2011

Rather than repeat myself, please see updates on the terrible floods here. I have no record of damage to WB Stadium yet but I'll update if I do.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Eka 3 KSU 3 - report and season awards

A short downpour before kick-off rendered yet another game doomed to be played out on a surface resembling a pigsty more than a football pitch. I've said it so many times now - why do the TFA insist on playing the bulk of games during the rainy season? The idea that it keeps us in line with AFC competitions seems a bit shallow.

In any case, the conditions and the lack of need for both teams - KSU were already assured of their play off spot and we were already out - could have made for disinterested players and a terrible game. That's what BKK Football predicted and I must confess I had similar thoughts, Instead, both teams did the noble thing and just went for it.

Still, the first half was uneventful and the action didn't really start until the second period, but boy, did it start. KSU's first goal was opportunistic and caused by the Eka back line pushing very far forward. The second away goal was an absolute belter and must be a contender for D2's goal of the season.

So 0-2 down against the champions with less than 45 to go, it seems almost a lost cause, right? But just as we did a short time ago, we showed real character to fight back. First from Methee, a header from a corner, then one from Korawut. KSU hit another goal to test our resolve but we pulled again, this time after a great triangle play and a finish once again from Korawut.  Six goals in one half, an exciting way to finish an exciting season.

It may have ended as a draw but this contest was a moral victory for Nonthaburi to fight back from two goals behind against a team that pushed Muangthong United to their limits. We even forced a few "drop down, scream in agony and pretend you're dying, wait for the stretcher to take you off then spring back to your feet" moments from KSU towards full time. It doesn't matter how many reserves KSU had in the side, we had players out, too.

After the game Eka fans descended onto the pitch to thanks the players.

So the D2 season reaches its end all too soon. I've offered my final thoughts already so there's little more to add. In Europe fans would talk of who can and should stay and who shouldn't, in Thailand this is a futile exercise. Planning and organisation just doesn't really happen in Siam, players come and leave almost randomly.

All we can do is look back with gratitude over a season that didn't end as we hoped but was still great fun to follow. We don't know which players will still be with us next season, but we know the fans will be there.

Player of the season:
Prasop: my player of the season.
K.Prasop. One of a bunch of players who could play at a higher level with ease. Excellent control and dangerous at set pieces. Did his bit to alleviate our goalscoring problem by supplying a few belters from midfield.

Match of the season:
The comeback against Prachinburi at home was one of the most eventful games I've seen in more than twenty years of watching football.

Goal of the season:
Korwaut's goal against Kasembundit at home, not just for the finish but the teamwork, passing and movement that went with it. See it here

Moment of the season:
The equaliser at Chamchuree United in a game that would have been stopped if it hadn't of been on astroturf. A game that really showed the spirit and professionalism of the side. See it here