Monday, 30 July 2012

North Bangkok 6 Nonthaburi 4 - non report

It was a disastrous weekend for me personally and Nonthaburi FC in a freak encounter at Nth BKK FC.

A migraine that hit me on Friday escalated and after seeking medicine, I was given the wrong dosage, rendering me very sick and drugged on Saturday.

On Sunday I endeavoured to go and support my team despite still feeling poorly. Unfortunately I was unaware that North Bangkok FC had moved home and we arrived at a deserted venue, and missed the game.

A report in Thai of the game is here, I understand that despite some dodgy official decisions (nothing new at this level) the game simply was that open.
To make matters worse, both our relegation rivals pulled off victories, including  a  shock 5-1 win for Central Lions.

These circumstances have plunged us back into relegation (or, to be technically correct, demotion) dogfight but everything I've seen from our new look squad suggests we will take it on the chin and fight back in the next fixture.

This weekend was a low point. There will be more high points like this and this to come.

Photo credits: Nhong Tim

Monday, 23 July 2012

Nonthaburi 0 Kasembundit 0 - report

Eka turned in a strong performance yet still could not capitalise of a wealth of chances and an early one man advantage against their university opponents this week.

However, it was still an encouraging show and stretches the unbeaten run to six games. Keep up the good work, guys!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

SPCU 1 Nonthaburi 1

Eka took an early lead through 31, Essaratonpon and held it until the dying moments of this midweek fixture that produced a low crowd due to the 1600 kick off time.

Despite the deep disappointment of the late goal, it was still a good day's work for Eka as both relegation rivals Bangkok Christian College and Central Lions lost at home, meaning our away point moves us up one spot and stretches our unbeaten lead to five games.

I now invite readers to observe the SP Customs Utd shirt and consider if its designer should be dragged into public stocks and pelted with som tam bplaa....

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nonthaburi FC 1 Rangsit 1 - report

The new kit (credit: Nhong Tim)
Eka scored an equaliser deep into second half stoppage time to extend their unbeaten run to four games.

It all looked hopeless as a goal within the opening two minutes of the game for Rangsit put Eka -sporting our shiny new shirts - on the backseat. It came as a double shock for me because I’d noticed that at three key figures in the side - Veteren defender and captain Janewit and newcomers Siroch and Wasin who played such an important role in our reversal of fortunes were absent from the side, though the latter two would appear later as subs.

Nonthaburi were awarded a penalty midway in the first half but the shot was saved, the follow up blocked and the second follow up smashed against the post.

Things were leveled up to ten men apiece in the second half when a silly tackle by a Rangsit player was reacted to in a totally irresponsible way by out talented forward Samart. The clip below only tells half the story. Samart walked off before the ref could give him his red so he was called back on (as per the rules) and had to be restrained *again* by his teammates. During that time, Eka tried a trick by substituting Samart and another player. The fourth official allowed this but when the ref saw what had happened, he reversed the substitutions. This sparked a very angry protest from Nonthaburi staff and a torrent of abuse from the home fans. Why? No idea. The ref did his job and though I greatly support and rate Samart, he has nobody but himself to blame for this incident.

It all looked hopeless and Rangsit piled on the play acting (see the clip) but one thing I love so much about Nonthaburi these days is the fighting spirit. Sure enough, deep into the 8 minutes of stoppage time came the equaliser via a neat overhead by Siriwat. The reaction of the players and fans was fantastic to be a part of.

Great job, lads! Roll on the next game!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More bad news

Just as things were looking up for Eka, we get the devastating news that the new coach has been forced to publicly urge the owners to pay the players, who have not been paid since June 1st.

There’s no quicker way to decimate morale and, subsequently, performance of any working team than not paying them. The management at Eka need to pay their players ASAP. No excuses. These guys deserve better.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Globlex 0 Nonthaburi FC 2

The most encouraging thing about Eka's three game undefeated streak is not the points but the way they have fought for and deserved their wins. This game could've been won by a bigger margin, especially after Globlex had their goalie sent off and either had no more subs or no cover goalie. The goals came from Wasan and no.10, another new signing, I believe.

I've also included a freeze shot of the disallowed goal to enable Eka fans to offer their take on the GLT debate. Also worth looking at are the new shirts, I think they look great.

Eka are at home next Saturday. Keep up the great work lads!

Was it or wasn't it?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nonthaburi FC 1 Central Lions 1

The new Eka scarf, new shirt to follow soon

Eka failed to build on last week's incredible performance and had to settle for a point against a mediocre Central Lions FC.

The game was very even and Eka still look far more confident and capable than the team of the first half of the season. A drop by goalie Pitthawas allowed CLFC to take the lead in the middle of the second half and Pitthawas went off injured before play resumed, though I think pride was the truly injured party in his case. Eka responded almost immediately with a goal from Apirak and the game finished one all.

On the balance of chances, I'd say we can just about consider ourselves unlucky not to win. If we could increase our conversion of chances by just ten percent, we wouldn't finish bottom this season.

Goalie Pitthawas apologised to fans on Facebook after the game. I say he was entitled to a mistake like any other human being and his performance at Samut Sakhon last week was probably MOTM quality, so I can't wait to see him back between the sticks.

Next up is a visit to Globex FC on Sunday. We simply have to win.