Monday, 30 May 2011

BCC 0 Eka 1

Nonthaburi scored an impressive away win against Bangkok Christian College at the Thepsadin Stadium on Sunday with a goal from Prasop (edit: not Noppadol) from long range. Our next game is home to Rose Asia next Sunday. It's not confirmed if we'll play at Wat Boat or Samkkhee yet.

Well done, lads!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nonthaburi 0 North Bangkok 1- photos

All photo credits - Getideaka

Jelani Grant gets stuck in.
Chudpet moves down the wing

Sathit - our closest thing to a target man - advances

......and takes on his marker

Thai fans never stop cheering, unlike grumpy old me!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Nonthaburi 0 North Bangkok 1

It was the same old story for Eka as we lost a game in which we had the lion's share of possession. After a very even first half, Eka had more of the chances in the second half but failed to capitalise, leaving North Bangkok the opening they required for a goal around the 65 minute mark.

Our problem is becoming increasingly clear - we lack a tall, powerful, natural striker to get on the end of the crosses and long balls from the defence. With none of our centre forwards really finding their form so far this season, we are relying on our attacking midfielders to score wonder goals. The law of averages says that won't work every week and so is the case. In short, we need to get a poacher in when the transfer window opens and until then, just keep being positive and creating chances.

Personally I'd like to see both Camara (Mohamed) and Ryan Reece starting each game, one on each flank, with Sathit playing striker, as he's the closest we have to a target man. This would widen our midfield, creating a little more space for the opposition but Jelani Grant is an an excellent holding player and although Prasop is a naturally attacking midfielder, I'm sure he could adjust his game slightly.

There also seems to be confusion over our kit this season. We've worn at least five deferent strips so far and the new shirt which is on sale (350 bt, a bargain) is not actually the one being worn by the players!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Match postponed

Nonthaburi's match at home to North Bangkok, originally scheduled for Saturday, will now be played on Sunday at Samakhee. The Wat Boat stadium has been damaged in the recent monsoon storms.

Nonthaburi 1 Globex 2

Eka conceded two early goals and spent the rest of the game fighting back to no avail. After the two first half goals for the visitors, EKA dominated most of the possession, but had to contend with Globex players getting "injured" every few minutes. Interestingly, these "injuries" stopped about fifteen minutes into the second half. I don't know if this was due to a word from the referee or the mockery of the home crowd who shouted "Jep! Jep! Non! Non!" every tackle. Camara Aly scored with almost the last kick of the game but it was too late. Nonthaburi now need a late play-off push to salvage the season.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Nonthaburi 3 Luk Isan Thai Air 2 - highlights

Goals scored by Parsop (2) and an unknown player number 23 (?) in a very attacking game. To be fair Eka could - and perhaps should - of scored more. They now face Globex in the TLC Cup on Weds. The last meeting between the sides was goalless, I hope we have more action this time around. On Saturday, it's North Bangkok FC at home.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Nonthaburi 3 Luk Isan Thai Air 2

Eka made it three wins in a row with a win over Thai Air today.Interestingly, had the score at 1-0 with four minutes to go. I was due to attend this game but couldn't because of a late family commitment. More details (of the game, not my family life) to come.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thai Fleet 0 Nonthaburi FC 1 - video

I think it was scored by number 12, Camara (one of three Camara's in the squad) but I'm not sure.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thai Fleet 0 Nonthaburi FC 1

Eka made it two wins in a row with a narrow victory away to another "new" team. More details to follow.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Eka 4 Chamchuri 0 - highlights

A brace from Prasop, a neat header from Camara Aly and a goal credited to Chetpat made a fantastic win for 'The Crows', though not without the now-customary exciting goal mouth scramble at the other end! Here's hoping we seize the momentum and make a late title push. Thais are superstitious regarding numbers, names and colours and I predict Eka will stick with this make-do kit for home games for a while.

Great job guys!

Eka 4 Chamchuri United 0

Eka scored a great win against the league's newest side.

Is this a flash in a disappointing season's pan or will Nonthaburi start to produce the sort of form they are capable of?

More details to come.