Monday, 28 May 2012

Bangkok Christian College 1 Nonthaburi FC 0

Photos to follow, I hope.

Despite another defeat and another failure to find the net against a team that hadn’t yet won a game this season, there were actually some positives in this contest.

For one thing, the score could have been much higher. The Nontaburi side of just one month ago would have panicked and sliced at the many crosses shot into their area or clattered the advancing forward. This time around, the back line looked calm and collected under pressure. Likewise, the midfield are actually starting to spray some good passes both on and above surface level.  

For all the changes that have taken place at Eka this season, most of them not good, the underlying problem remains the same: the lack of a poacher with some pace who can smash the ball at goal.

But the supporters remain passionate and it’s now becoming clear that the squad are working hard to gel together and better themselves. Nobody can ask more.
Eka’s last game before the mid-season break is home to Chamchuree United (the re-incarnation of the original Chula United) next Sunday.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eka have shown real improvement in their last two games. A 1-0 win oven Thonburi was followed by a 1-2 home defeat by Rayong last week but in both games, Nonthaburi have shown a more settled squad, better movement and greater confidence. We still won't be moving any mountains this season, but at least we can dream of picking up a few more points. Eka are away to Bangkok Christian College tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The only good news is that we can't get any lower.