Sunday, 29 November 2009

The final scores

Loei 3 Chiang Rai 3
SP 0 Narathaiwat 0

Great news for Raj fans, as they win the group with ease!
Good to see Narataiwat promoted rather than SP. No disrespect to SP fans but this is poetic justice for the conduct of the players.

Table from

Team.        Played.    Won.     Draw.    Lost.   + / -.        Score.
1 Raj              8.         4                2         2           3                14
2.CRU            8          3                3          2           1                12
3 Narathiwat 8          2                4          2           0                10
4 Prakan        8          2                3          3          -1                  9
5Loei             8          2                2          4          -3                  8

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The FA Cup History

Thanks to instantkarma on the forum of Raj's Official Site, I can cofnirm that Rajpracha FC have won the Thai FA Cup five times:

1975, 1976, 1984, 1992 and 1994

1975 was the first year the Thai FA competition took place and Raj won the cup under the name of 'Youth Development Team '.

Instantkarma also pointed out some Raj players who used to play for MTU:
No.3 Suphat Onthong
No.7 Prakit Deeprom
No.24 Niwet Petchchamrat
No.34 Kanae Chan-im

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Rajpracha Squad

Regular first team players:

1 GK Yen Emile

2 DF Suriya Kupalang
3 DF/MD Ratgan Jamparat
4 DF Wisarut  Pannasai
5 DF/MD Sawin Bunsopit
6 DF Chochai Choochi
15 DF Dawuda Wulampah
20 DF Wuttipong Sittitanyakit
21 DF Nirun Phunthong
23 DF Kittipong Somak
28 DF Phairot Keawketsri

7 MD Prakit Deeprom
8 MD Chokdee Intharalak
10 MD Seksit Srisai
11 MD Kornprom Jaroonpong
27 MD Pichit Kesaro
14 MD Sarawut Sintupan

9 ST Taiki Ishizu
13 FW Narakorn Wisetthanakarn
26 ST Noppadon Ponudom
16 ST Tameezee Hayeeyusoh
17 FW Awakajit Suramon
30 FW Kouame Yao Mathieu (On loan from Muangthong United) 

Squad/Youth team players:
12 GK Noppadom Sopdee
18 GK Peerachart Yimthong

19 DF Nuttapol Poontawee
24 DF (?) Thierry Touoyem
31 DF Itthiporn Teprean (Asuumption Thonburi School)
32 DF Thanapon Phao (Nakhom Pathom)
25 FW Thanachot Suppol
33 FW Sylla Moussa

Monday, 23 November 2009

General info

I've updated Raj's wikipedia page. I've altered some player names, removed Jose as coach following his resignation and updated some league information.

There are some discrepancies. The wiki page states Raj have won the FA cup just twice, in fact it is more than this, and some of the Thai FA Cup data seems incorrect. Some work ahead!

I'm awaiting a response from a fan club leader that will help me to provide further squad details. The wiki page is understandably brief and I hope to expand it over time.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Highlights from Chang Rai United 0 Rajpracha 1

clip courtesy of cheerballthai

Pictures from

Niwet takes on a CRU plyer.

Kornprom goes down.

Niwet again?

Chaing Rai United 0 Rajpracha 1

In the first play off game of the season Raj were outclassed, out motivated and outwitted by Chaing Rai United on their own pitch. If you had told me after that game that Rajpracha would win the play off group, I would have laughed at you.

But this game completes the remarkable turnaround. Early reports indicate the match was very even, and the goal was the result of a mistake by a CRU defender.

It's only Chaing Rai's second ever league defeat in their history. Should they (Chaing Rai) fail to beat Loei City by two goals or more in their final game, Raj will win the group. You know what? They deserve it. In the last five games they've shown class, courage and desire. Congratulations, guys!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


The official Rajpracha website confirms The Raj are indeed promoted. According to the OS, the worst case scenario is that Raj finish joint third with Samutprakan, whom Raj have defeated in the head to head.

Have a look at the table and fixtures and see for yourself.

Congratulations Rajpracha!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Thai Football Fanzine

Sniffin' Somtam (And Other Thai Football Habits) is a one off old school fanzine dedicated to promoting the local game. With contributions by fans of various Thai clubs it offers an introduction to football in the kingdom and some in depth articles about related subjects.

The fanzine, which has 26 A4 pages, costs B50 and will be on sale outside Rajamangala Stadium before tomorrow nights Thailand v Singapore match. It is also available by mail order, with a small charge for p&p, from nuichonburi(at)

Any profit that we make from the sale of the 'zine will be donated to a local charity.

Contributors :

Vinnie -

Marco -

Antony -


Andy -

Loko -

Klaus -

Me -

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rajpracha 2 Loei City 1

A game that never, ever should have been allowed to start turned into an exciting win for Rajpracha today. According to some people, it guarantees them promotion.

The game was switched to Muangthong United's Thunderdome Stadium at the request of Channel 11 so they could televise the game. Channel 11 then promptly changed their mind but by then it was too late for Raj to switch back, so the game went ahead at the Thunderdome.

About thirty or forty minutes before kick off, it start to pour with rain around the ground. Kick off was delayed by fifteen minutes but I didn't see any official check on the pitch (though I arrived late). I was under the impression Muangthong United's pitch had been replaced, I was wrong. The new turf has not yet been laid down and the old pitch remains in its damaged, riveted, torn up form. I walked in with my son at the wrong end and found myself mobbed by Loei fans. In England, my error may well have got me a beating. Today, it just got me a few handshakes and smiles.

The match began and it was a horror show. Rain was thrown up from the grass with every step from every player. The simplest challenge turned into a mammoth task as players began slipping and sliding everywhere. I was sure there would be a serious injury.

This chaos led to the early goal from Loei City who scored after two minutes. To their credit, Raj fans and players both recovered quickly. Raj went back on the attack and came close.

At this point, Raj's Cameroonian 'keeper Yen Emile became agitated with the Loei City number 12, Preuous Kuffour. The two began remonstrating. On more than one occasion Yen ran to the halfway line to argue with his Ghanaian opponent. Yen also seemed angry that the Loei keeper was wearing the same colours as his team mates. He seemed to find this obstruct his positioning. The Leoi goalie, to his credit, changed his shirt.

At around the thirty minute mark, Preuous Kuffour decided to start time wasting. He threw himself on the floor, called on the stretcher, got on the stretcher....and to the delight of the home fans, he promptly fell off.

Before long Rajpracha equalised from a deflection. Sorry everyone, I missed the scorer but I think it was no.34 . Both fans and players came to life.

The ongoing Camerooon - Ghana battle reached a head soon after the goal. Preuous Kuffour came through for a one on one with Yen Emile. Yen collected the ball and very quickly elbowed the Loei number 12 in the face. It wasn't quick enough though, and when Yen realised his assault had been seen by almost everyone in the ground, he threw himself down and played dead, too. Amazingly, the ref sent nobody off. The game continued in the atrocious conditions. About five minutes from the break, Raj scored again from a goal mouth scramble to send the players and fans in happy at half time.

The second half was a quieter affair, as the wet turf exhausted the players, but massive credit must be given to both sides for trying to play good football in such conditions. Rajpracha - in contrast to the last time I saw them - looked ready to die for the cause and fought for every last ball.

Raj hit the post, Loei came close several times, but the game finished 2 - 1 to Raj, prompting some home fans to set off fireworks.

Some fans seem sure that we are now guaranteed promotion on the head to head rule, even though Samutprakan won their away game at leaders Chaing Rai. As far as I can tell, we could still finish fourth if Loei win both of their remaining games. But promotion now seems well within our grasp nd based on today's show, the fans and players both deserve it. I just thank god nobody was seriously hurt. The FAT have a lot to answer for.

Photo credits as per the inscription. Posted on

My son's first game.

Raj fans celebrate. 

Loei fans who braved the long journey.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I understand Jose Alves Borges has resigned from Rajpracha. The manager was given a touchline ban for crucial play off games which The Raj lost, and notably lacked guidance for. Jose claims he wishes to take responsibility for that.

In other news, Samutprakan where involved in a violent incident at the end of the game against Rajpracha in which Raj's number nineteen, Buen,  was punched.
There is no news of any action by the Thai FA as of yet.

The next game against Loei City has been switched to the Thunderdome and will be played this Sunday (not Saturday) as it will be televised.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Samutprakan 1 The Raj 2

This puts The Raj in second place but with two very tough games ahead - Loei at home and Chang Rai away. If they can take four points from six, they should be promoted.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Samutprakan Vs The Raj

The Raj make the short journey to Samutprakan today. The province is home to the new airport named Suvarnabhumi Airport but pronounced "Suwanapoom" for reasons nobody understands.

The team do not have their own stadium and play at Bangmod Stadium. The Raj desperately need a win to keep in the promotion hunt.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Rajpracha 0 Narathawat 0

A quiet game which we really needed to win. The Raj sit in third place (the final promotion spot) but face their toughest fixtures ahead of them.We still have to play the dominant Chang Rai United away from home after all.