Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nonthaburi FC

I attended Nonthaburi FC's first home game against Thai Summit yesterday. Even before the game started, I had good impressions. The whole event was well organised. The club had designated staff on duty around the ground to help fans and answer any of their questions. A poster outside advertised season tickets (550b with a free Nonthaburi FC hat!) but today's game was made free to everyone. There was even free bottled water complete with the club logo on the bottle.

As it was the opening ceremony for the club, the match was preceded by various entertainment including dancing, a police parade (later on the police came to watch the game and drink beer, all the time in full uniform and full armory) and a speech from the club president. I was impressed the president made a long speech about football in Nonthaburi, it didn't seem to be the actions or words of someone here for the short term. Usually, the rich patrons who get bored with their club are those who keep a distance, rather than get involved.

The only downside for me was the obligatory opening day commentary by two emcees through speakers so loud it was physically painfull for me. I hope this was just a 'one off' and I won't be tortured like that for every game!

I was even more impressed when the game started. Nonthaburi sport a very sleek home kit and played the football to match. Number nineteen was particularly outstanding, as he gave Thai Summit's back line nightmares with his pace and trickery. Eka (the 'Crows' , the club's nickname) controlled the first half and took a one-nil lead. In the second half, Eka scored a second goal before Thai Summit pushed their way back and scored one of their own. This made for a very tense closing game but Eka just held on and took another three points.

All in all, a good day. Nontahburi FC look to be able, well organised and well funded. My only query to the club would be - why start games at 1730 when every other club starts at 1600? What are the floodlight costs for this?

But that tiny gripe aside, this could be an interesting run. With seven points from their first three games, could the crows be here for a long haul flight?

(Many camermen and photographers attended the game, I will link to some pictures when I find some)
 Pictures of the pre-match build up, including hot women.

Pictures 2 + 3 are from a 'celebrity match' that took place prior to the actual match.

I hope I'll find some pictures of the game itself soon!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Rearranged fixtures

The retards staff at Thai FA have decided that it is in the best interests of everyone to rearrange all the D1 (and other) fixtures, just two weeks before Raj were due to kick off.

No reason has been given though I suspect that TV coverage or stadium preparation will be used as an excuse. This despite the fact that we are coming off a five bloody month break and the TV coverage was announced months ago.

Here then is a totally unofficial revised fixture list. I accept no responsibility for face, money, time or virginity lost as a consequence of using this list.

Fixtures marked with an asterisk (*) are games I expect to attend. Fixtures marked with a 'P' are games I could possibly attend as long as I can sneak out early get time off from work.........

Sat 13 Mar
Khoen Kean
Sports Centre Khoen Kean

Sun 21st March
ี Rajpracha
Suphanburi FC.
Thunderdome *

 Sun 28 March
 Chanthaburi FC.
ี Rajpracha.
Sports Centre Chantaburi.

 Sun 4 Apr
Air Force  FC
(I don't know the venue) P

 Sun 11 April
 Thunderdome. * (Clash with Thai Navy FC. Vs Muangthong United)

 Sun 18 April
  Sriracha FC.
 Sriracha P

Weds 21st April
Narathiwat FC.
Thunderdome *

 Sun 2nd May
 Sports Central Mon Prachinburi. P

Sat 8th May
 Customs - Phetchaburi.
 Phetachburi P

 Sat 15th May
ี Rajpracha.
Nakhon Pathom FC.
Thunderdome *

 Weds 19th May
United Rai.
 Thunderdome. *

 Sun 6th June
Songkhla FC.

 Sun 13th June
Thai- Honda
 Thunderdome. * (Clash with Osotspa M-150 - Saraburi Vs Muangthong United)

 Sat 19th June
Chula United
  Thunderdome. *

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Queen's Cup failure

Raj lost to Air Force (3-4) completing a pointless (in both senses of the word) run in the Queen's Cup.

The universal rules of football include a clause stating: "Friendly games mean nothing" , yet still it is a natural worry to lose three in a row. Losing always hurts. Raj are a young side, and the start they make to the new season could be even more crucial than it is for other sides.

Being a Southampton fan, I know all about relegation struggles and what it takes to get out of them. It requires a real mental toughness, and I believe I saw that in last year's play off campaign. I just hope the players bring that to the table next season. We'll need it.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Queen's Cup news

It's not looking good for Raj, who lost 0-4 to BEC Tero and 0 - 2 to Pattaya United.

The final game against Air Force is the last chance to salvage some pride.

Friday, 5 February 2010

2010 first leg Fixtures

EDIT: So far this season, the Thai FA have rescheduled almost every fixture at least once. Always check with your team's web site before attending any match.

Thaileaguefootball has the full set of Division One fixtures for the first leg of the 2010 season.

Nonthaburi FC fixtures are here (in Thai)

Raj are ground-sharing with Muangthon United at the Yamaha Thunderdome Stadium so, of course, they are playing home games at different times to MTU.

These are the games I hope to make it to:

Sunday 7 March 2010
Ratthanabundit v Rajpracha

 Sunday 14 March 2010
Rajpracha v Suphanburi

Sunday 28 March 2010
Chanthaburi v Rajpracha

Saturday 3 April 2010
Rajpracha v Air Force

Friday9 April 2010
Rajpracha  v PTT

Sunday 18 April 2010
Sriracha v Rajpracha

Wednesday 21 April 2010
Rajpracha v Narathiwat

 Sunday 9 May 2010
Customs Petchaburi v Rajpracha

Sunday 16 May 2010
Rajpracha v   Nakhon Prathom

Wednesday 19 May 2010
Rajpracha  v Chiang Rai United

Sunday 13 June 2010
Rajpracha v Thai Honda

Saturday 19 June 2010
Rajpracha v Chula United