Thursday, 24 January 2013

Foreigners in Eka squad

Eka have named their provisional squad for the upcoming 2013 campaign and three foreigners have been included. At this stage, I'm not sure if the players are directly employed or come via the feeder deal with Muangthong.

The 3 are....

a) KARAMOKO ALASSANE (previously played for Chamchuri United )

b) TRAORE MAHAMA (Name sounds familiar but I don't know why)

c) GOGOUA CEDRIC (Briefly appeared for us last season towards the end and looked very useful)

The full squad will be listed once I get the names translated.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nonthaburi - Muangthong's new nursery club?

Several unofficial sources have stated that Nonthaburi’s squad will consist primarily of Muangthong United reserves and/or youth players next season. There has also been a media report quoting Nonthaburi's coach as saying there will be a "eighty percent clear out" as the club look to avoid a repeat of last season's disastrous campaign. (See the new fixture list, in Thai, here )

I find this to be a good move. It makes sense for MTU to use Eka as feeder club - raher than 'official' feeder club Phuket FC -  since they are close by and clearly not a threat to MTU. Eka, for their part, get to acquire players of a high caliber than they can afford to pay for (since the club’s budget is basically zero this year).

The arrangement is likely to be highly informal. I doubt any extra financial (or other) benefits are coming Eka’s way, but this time three months ago, we would all have jumped at the chance simply to re-enter the DL, let alone act as a nursery club for the best team in Thailand.

Last season’s vice-captain Passakorn has joined Laemchabang City Football club. Passakorn was a player I initially didn't rate but won me over with his courage, effort and spirit. I wish him well.

And this picture caption from the Eka FB page states the 3 Korean kids could be featuring for Eka, via MTU, next season. It could well be a joke, it could be players from visiting Gyeongnam FC borrowing MTU kits to train in.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Eka back from the dead!

It's the news we've all been waiting for and now it's official: Nonthaburi FC are back!

Eka will participate in the Bangkok and Vicinity Division, consisting of 14 teams.

The club still have no major sponsor and as such will continue as per last year, using youth players and almost certainly no foreign players, possibly bar one or two African players.

Naturally, Nonthaburi fans are just delighted to have a team to cheer and I'll be certain to attend as many home games as possible and a few away games, too.

Looking at D2 as a whole, the insanity continues. There are eighty-four, yes, eighty-four teams vying for promotion spots of just three or four places.

When, oh when, will someone inject a tiny bit of logic into proceedings and create an extra division or at least a two-tier RL system?