Thursday, 20 June 2013

2013 mid-season movements

Credit: Nonthaburi FC Facebook page
As the Bangkok and region division prepares to kick off next week after the mid-season break, Nonthaburi have released a list of "ins and outs" as "The Crows" bid to maintain their position at the very top of D2 BKK.

Outgoing players include Jorrin John, the highly-talented but temperamental player who clearly (and forgivably) looked like he was wondering what the heck he was doing in Division 2 much of the time. The former Leicester player has joined Nakhon Nayok and we will miss his link-up play with Tomi, which tore defences apart. Other departees include Patong (no.28) and Watcharit (no.40).

The ten (yes, ten) incoming players include a foreigner named Ebisawa alongside other names, all of which are new to me, as they come from the Muangthong United youth, reserve and scouting setups.   Now, there is no mention of Tomi on the list but next to Ebisawa (in Thai) is a message saying "2nd foreigner". The meaning of that is not clear to me as even with JJ leaving, we have more than 2 foreigners already and here is only one new foreigner. In any case, Tomi staying or leaving could decide what division we are in next season.

Updates on new players and remaining players to come soon.

Eka travel to Leam Chabang next Sunday.

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